Who is the Cable Girl?

Meet The Cable Girl!™

NOMINATED by the Pittsburgh Radio Television Club as 2006 Best Planner/Buyer – Agency/Client

Nominated 2007 Media All Stars Pittsburgh in 5 different Categories, Best Over ALL Agency, Best Buying/Planning, Best Media Buyer, Best Account Executive, Best Boutique Agency

“The Cable Girl” MIACO Media Inc., an award winning media buyer company specializing in direct response advertising for television and radio.
The Cable Girl is a team of highly-qualified staff, led by the effervescent 'Mia Compomizzi' working to implement your advertising goals.  Services include:

  • Advertising consulting services
  • Business consulting services
  • Marketing consultation and research services
  • Market analysis and research
  • Placement of advertisements in various media including internet, print, television and radio broadcast
  • Advertising services
Cable Girl Illustration

The Cable Girl has significant experience working in national and local markets and will guide you through the process of advertising your business on TV or elsewhere today!

The Cable Girl's the expert!
The Cable Girl knows the ins and outs of buying media and creating a successful advertising campaign.

“Why pay high prices?  Buy smart!” The Cable Girl will find you the best rates to advertise your business today. You will find each of your advertising dollars working for you!

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