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The Cable Girl will:
• work one-on-one with your business
• create a media plan tailored to your business
• negotiate rates for buying media in your market
• buy the best spots at the best rates for your business

Advertise on various broadcasts
(where appropriate):

• National Cable
• Syndication
• Network
• Local

It's an easy stress-free process!

Make television and radio marketing work for you!
Excellent media buying is proven by increased products and services sold!

Why Use An Advertising Agency?

If you’re a business owner or manager, chances are you know you need to advertise, and you know what you want the advertising to do. When you simply can’t present your product, service or cause to every single potential buyer personally, the next level of selling has to be through paid media and/or publicity.

Here are some good business reasons for considering a planned advertising campaign.

  • 1. You have new products or services to introduce to the marketplace. You may, additionally, be a brand new company.
  • 2. Your market share is shrinking, even though your products are as good or better than those of your competitors.
  • 3. Consumer ‘pull’, or demand, is needed to move your products through the distribution chain.
  • 4. The market has an outdated or inaccurate image of what your company actually does and the range and benefits of your products.
  • 5. You have an important social cause or opinion that you want to promote.
  • 6. In order to expand, your company needs the revenue that can be generated by increased sales.

But, knowing you need to advertise is just part of the solution. Why do you need an ‘advertising agency’? What can a professionally accredited ad agency do for you that you can’t do in-house?

Few companies have the in-house expertise, creative talent, and strategic breadth and depth that advertising agencies - living and breathing the business 24/7 - can bring to the table. Additionally, in-house staff can get too close to the product and the company, losing the ability to view it objectively, that is, from a consumer’s standpoint.

Finally, the inexperienced advertiser can easily misdirect advertising dollars when faced with the myriad of media and creative alternatives available today. Which message strategy is best? What creative approach will best connect with your consumers? Which media are they going to be reading, watching or listening to? Will they be at home, in their cars or at the office? And how often do they need to receive your message before it ’sinks in’?

Let’s look at some of the ways in which a professional advertising agency can help you.

  • Ad agency personnel are skilled in assisting companies determine just who their customers really are, and what makes them tick. Such insight is invaluable when it comes to crafting a message that will be meaningful to them, and encourage them to buy your product.
  • While it’s often said that ‘everyone is an advertising expert’, the professional creative talents required to write, design and produce compelling broadcast sales messages are most often found in advertising agencies.
  • Planning the optimum mix of media space, time, location and frequency is both and art, and a science. Delivering your creatively designed message to as many of your potential customers as possible, with minimal waste, and for the fewest dollars is a skill that media professionals are continually honing.
  • By outsourcing advertising and communications activities, companies can devote needed internal resources to keeping the rest of the business running smoothly – finance, R & D, product development, the factory and administration.